The man behind the camera...

Getting a taste of the nightlife aspect of photography, Evens, also known as "Brohawk" the brotha' with a Mohawk, set out to going to local nightclubs to take pictures - at that time, just for the fun of it; and posting the photos on the social networking portal, Facebook. In January 2009, one of Toronto's top event planning companies Kleen Media, hired Evens to become their official High Profile Photographer for their nightly events in Toronto's upscale nightclubs. He had then finally begun the transformation from turning what was once a hobby into a lucrative and successful career. In December 2009, Evens received the award for the 2009 Best Nightclub Photographer, among a selection of Toronto's best photographers. 

Today, Evens continues to challenge and diversify himself. He is now hungry to conquer several aspects of photography. With emphasis on making it a great experience, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Evens enjoys working with clients to develop their ideas. He takes pride in his work and uses his eye to define for great angles and original ideas. He often brings a camera along when he's out and about to take pleasure in highlighting the beauty in things we so easily take for granted by capturing a moment in time.